Supporting Sustainable & Renewable Energy

The objective of the Gaia project is to raise widespread awareness to all issues relating to our energy needs and the detrimental effects on our environment due to humankind’s present methods of energy encapsulation.

The inevitable outcome of our existing practices will be the demise of our ecosystem and therefore result in a catastrophe that will without doubt eventually ensure the extinction of our own species. Hopefully, individual awareness will transform into personal responsibility and instigate the adoption of a workable energy strategy.

The Gaia project is committed to not only identify potential disaster, it will endeavour to explore alternative solutions that are superior both ecologically and economically.

We ourselves are the inhabitants of a planet on which we are totally dependent. We human-beings have gained powerful influence within our environment. Global energy requirement is dictated by our appetite and need for heat, light, transportation and communication.

We have become a parasite on our host environment. This situation is acceptable until the needs and wants of the parasite exceed the resources of the host.

An accelerating imbalance has occurred, if ignored this will eventually result in a major change in evolution. if humankind’s extinction is to be avoided then a reassessment of our behaviour must prevail.

To instigate a change in our approach as to how to solve the problem of our energy needs, it is necessary to embrace an audience that consists of individuals from all walks of life, varying ages, social backgrounds and varying financial interests.

Although humanbeings are rarely illogical, financial influence often prevents this human quality from being demonstrated. If equivalent and economical alternatives where available it is unlikely that these alternatives would not be adopted exclusively.

The Gaia project must focus on education for all, readily available information pertaining to alternative energy solutions, financial data, legal legislation, technological development, changing global effects and identify practices that are detrimental to our prolonged existence.

The purpose of the Gaia Creed Web Site is to produce a world wide communication terminal for renewable energy. This Web Site will grow into a global window for energy efficiency offering information and dynamic data for individuals, students, researchers, architects and anyone wishing to find viable solutions to energy problems.

The importance of our survival and our quality of life is paramount. The fact that our environment is being destroyed for the financial gain of a few commercial corporations is total insanity. Short term solutions are unacceptable, Lasting solutions to energy consumption will only become common practice through education and enlightenment.

Gaia Centre for Renewable Energy